What is the Difference between a Life Coach & Therapist?

Life coaches are trained individuals who help clients with challenging tasks/matters in their lives similar to a therapist.  Therapists focus more on the mental health concerns & the past to identify the roots of issues & problematic thinking especially during a crisis. 

  • Life coaches work with clients when they are stable, functional & not in a crisis, but needs help with reaching their full potential.
  • Life coaches focus on the present & future by addressing the individual's mindset & attitude to eliminate self-limiting beliefs & negative self-talk.
  • Life coaches provide their clients with guidance on how to make decisions at different levels of their life.
  • Life coaches empowers their clients to generate lasting transformations and develop the strength to face obstacles in their life with ease.
  • With life coaching, the client knows all the answers they need within themselves & the life coach helps the client to discovery those answers with the right tools & questions.

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Online Life Coaching

Scared About Online Life Coaching

So many people are scared of doing something so personal and intimate as life coaching through Skype or Facetime.  Something about being next to their life coach feels like a value part of the experience to feel important & safe.  For these people, life coaching online is not in their plan but there is nothing to fear.  

You can meet with any of the talented Alabama based Life Coaches in Huntsville, AL.

If you're not in the area, our coaches uphold & practice the same professionalism & ethical guidelines online.

Relieved About Online Life Coaching

There are some people who are relieved to have the option to meet with their life coach online.  People who work full-time jobs, own their own business, or are busy parents prefer online life coaching.  By the time, they stop what they're doing, drop off the kids, and drive across town to their session, they could have completed their session online or over the phone.  

Also, some of my clients move and the only way to meet is online.

The freedom to meet with your life coach online or over the phone allows you to squeeze it in during your busy schedule.

Online Life Coaching Can Be Better Than In-Person Coaching

Even though I provided in-person meetings with my clients and available for those meetings, we have clients that live a few miles away and prefer to meet online most of the time.  They feel they get more through online meetings enjoying the comfort of their home and privacy where they may be able to dig deeper and be more open.  

For some, having the quiet time before and after our meetings gives them time to write down their thoughts and tasks they'll like to work on during the session versus spending time driving to the session.  This can be a very important part of their experience.

Online Meeting Options

  Skype • Facetime • Zoom