Frequently Asked Questions


How do you help your clients?

We provide coaching based on the client's unique path.  We help you discover what you're interested in, what brings meaning to you and the obstacles that hold you back.  We work together to develop a step-by-step action plan to help you get on track towards achieving your goals and you stay on track.

What is your background?

Formal education includes Master's degree in social Work with a Master's level license and a BA in Psychology.  Several years working in various positions in the mental health field including Life Coaching to help individuals achieve self-empowerment and creating a life they are proud of.

What happens during a life coaching session?

We start with where you currently are and clarify your dreams and goals.  We ask several questions to help you clarify your vision, encourage your insights and identify your options, and assist you with identifying and developing a plan for your obstacles.  Once your goals and obstacles are defined, we develop a specific step-by-step action plan that you will commit to.  We use various tools and exercises while working with you.  We will review the progress and make necessary changes during each session.

New clients usually start with a 2-month commitment.  Sessions last 30-60 minutes and are held biweekly with free email support.

How does life coaching differ from traditional therapy?

Coaching and therapy may seem similar, but they work on different levels of a person's life.  Therapy focus on treating past emotional concerns and may be unstable while coaching works with the client while they are mentally healthy and focuses on where the client is at now, where they would like to be, and how to get there.  

Who do you work with?

Clients who are ready and committed to working on their personal growth.  They are open to new ideas and ready to invest the time and energy needed to achieve their goals.

Is your service covered by insurance?

No, our life coaching services are not covered by insurance.  We offer several package deals and payment plans.

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